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fountain pens - special editions

Avsenik fountain pen

Most famous Slovenian band, Ansambel bratov Avsenik, on German speaking area known as Original Oberkrainer, has sold more than 30 milions copys of high quality music. There instrumental song "Na Golico - Trompeten Echo" is well known among their fans all over Europe (more than 150 fan clubs was register during their perfomance).

It gives us great pleasure to cooperate with "Gallery Avsenik" on the matter of Avsenik's fountain pen. Handmade fountain pen with top quality German-made nib with iridium point is offered in two sizes - Gentlemen and Lady. Material for production, chestnut tree, originates from Avsenik's private land and  was selected in connection with well known Avsenik song "Underneath blooming chestnuts".  

                              Chesnut tree Underneath blooming chestnuts
                                         (S. & V. Avsenik – I. Sivec) 

                                         White chestnuts are in bloom
                                         In front of our home in spring,
                                     With an endless intoxicating white
                                          They bloom under our hills...

                                   (a song off of the Po Deželi Kranjski CD)

High quality fountain pen features laser engraved signature from the worldwide music phenomenom, Slavko Avsenik, and is offered in classical or luxury box with Avsenik's musical CD. Enclosed is also certificate of authenticity, translated into English, German and Italian language.

Purchase is available in "Gallery Avsenik".
Contact: Galerija Avsenik - Hohner d.o.o., Begunje 22, 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem.