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BCE S1 kerrock

Limited edition! 
Kerrock stage 1 east set .
What is kerrock?
It is composite material made by slovenian company Kolpa d.d Metlika. Kerrock is widely used for inside furniture with following characteristics; non-porous and resistant to chemicals, heat and mechanical impacts. It is very pleasent to touch. 

Due to hard and extremly slow manufacturing process pieces are available only in Stage 1 east design. 

During manufacture we discovered that it is extremly hard to achive "perfect", glssy finish on entire surface of chess pieces. Material is watersanded with 220, 500, 1000, 2000 grit + micromesh sanding pads but since surface is not flat (like kitchen tops for instance) all sanding can only be done by hand.
Due to that some smaller sanding marks can be still seen on pieces but they are almost impossible to remove. This kind of smaller marks can not be the reason for returning of this set.
Due to that fact we decided to remove kerrock from our offer so sets on stock are the last chance for you to own this interesting set!

  • 95 mm king size (3.75"), base 40 mm.
  • Researched, designed, measured, handcrafted, tested.
  • Black & white Kerrock
  • Felted or waterproof -nofelt- version (we recomennd felted version regarding protection of the chessboard)
  • Buffed to high shine
  • Heayv pieces 
  • Tapered foot.
  • Unprecedented stability. Hard to knock over.
  • Durable. No moving parts.
  • Certificate of authenticity.
  • Serially numbered on COA
  • Housed in a box 
  • Made in Slovenia

Kerrock is heavy material, so pieces do not need any extra weights.

  • king 55 g
  • queen 44 g
  • bishop 32 g
  • rook 44 g
  • knight 49 g
  • pawn 18 g



Price: 999.99

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