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fountain pens - special editions

Poet fountain pen

Fountain pen was made in connection with Slovenian's most famous and respectable poet, dr. France Prešeren (1800-1849).

Prešeren was born in small town Vrba (translation Willow) and one of his well known sonet is also named under his birth village

                                              VRBA by France Prešeren 

                                       " O Vrba! srečna, draga vas domača,
                                              kjer hiša mojega stoji očeta; 
                                          de b' uka žeja me iz tvojga svéta
                                               speljala ne bila, goljfiva kača! " 

That is why we used willow wood for production of this pen, which is also laser engraved with poet's signature. Available in 2 sizes and packed in classical or luxury box with collection of his songs.

You have an idea how to honour your artist ? Please contact us; we look forward to hear from you.

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Pen is also available in cheaper edition as classical school pen. Made out of willow wood and laser engraved with poet's signature.