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Best Chessmen Ever

Best Chessmen Ever was named official WYCC2012 Set. The sets were used on 12 main boards (more in gallery).

During championship BCE team met world champion Garry Kasparov. He was presented with a special set of Best Chessmen Ever (Stage 1 set in pitch black, triple weighted with gift casket, stainless steel bases, additional Eastern/Western bishops/kings & promotable queens).
Check pictures of meeting in above gallery!!!

Best Chessmen Ever
Stage 1 - natural
Stage 1 - black
Stage 2 - natural
Stage 2 - black
Stage 3 - natural - eastern
Stage 3 - black - eastern
Stage 3 - natural - western
Stage 3 - black - western
Stage 3 - details
BCE with stainless steel bases
BCE with DGT system
BCE S1 kerrock
Magnetic chessboard