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Stage 1 blitz

Stage 1 blitz version:
- new design
- improved stability
- flat bottoms
- fatter rooks inspired by Dubrovnik Minceta rook design
- thinner, faster knight design 
Available in following editions:
- eastern / western 
- natural / black
- 95 mm king size (3.75"), base 40 mm.
- Researched, designed, measured, handcrafted, tested.
- Hardened Slovenian maple and walnut. Extremely durable.
- Weighted. Perfect weight to size ratio.
- Unprecedented stability. Hard to knock over.
- Durable. No moving parts.
- 7 point queen’s crown, no spikes.
- 5 rook turrets.
- Felted with green felt.
- Serially numbered.
- Certificate of authenticity.
- Jewelery grade lock box
- Made in Slovenia.
When ordering BCE sets, please choose design / Eastern or Western. 
You can also add any of the prefered options seen under "options" (except stainless steel bases and upgrade of knights to Stage 2 design).

 maple eastern.jpg
- maple, eastern pieces