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Best Chessmen Ever

More then 150 years after first Staunton set was created, players all around the world still uses the same chess pieces design. Ever wondered what is with all that collars? Have you ever asked why bases of the pieces must be so massive and what is the point of having such a fragile finials?

We have. And so did he ... Jonas Žnidaršic, actor, host of TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire", standup comedian, billiard champion and top poker player.
So here they are.

Researched, designed, measured, handcrafted, tested. Best ever.
This are the GNovak BCE Chessmen.
Feel @BestChessmen

It's where tradition meets the century. Made in Slovenia. BCE are featuring choice of two designes - Eastern and Western. Further more, each design is divided to stages and offered in natural edition. Optional improvements of sets by your choice.