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chess set for blind players

Handmade chess set, rearranged for blind and visualy impaired players!

a) set BCE, Stage 1, natural, western or eastern design
b) Stautnon designed set PRESIDENT

- handmade pieces
- wooden pegs
- felted pieces (BCE sets with leather)
- black pieces treated with special lacque, that makes rough surface (no more nails on top)
- high quality chessboard, with 55 mm fiels.
- dark fields are handtreated with »rough surface« lacque
- pieces are packed in a basic box with certifiace of authenticity
- no minimum quantity
- custom made

S1WN 2.jpgS1WN 7.jpgS1WN 6.jpgS1WN 5.jpgS1WN 3.jpg


Price: 980.00

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