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details about fountain pens

pen care

* general pen care
- as with most wood products, these pens are susceptible to weather conditions, so limiting exposure to temperature extremes will ensure a long life for your pen. Do not leave the pen in the car or direct sunlight
- do not use chemical fluids or abrasive substances to clean your pen
- care for your pen as you would any wood product, using a light wax or coat of furniture finish and buffing with a soft cloth to restore the finish
- the seller of pen kits recommend monthly cleaning of fountain pens (instructions below)
- do not drop your pen

* refills
- please use only quality ink brands (Pelikan ....)
- fountain pens and rollerbals uses standard refills available on the market
- ballpoint pens uses special refills, which we have on stock in smaller quantitys. Please contact us

* refilling
-  on fountain pens and rollerball pens simlpy unscrew the bottom part and refill (seat fountain cartridge firmly onto the nib (you can also gently squeze it 2-3 times with your fingers)
- if using the converter (reservoir), simply take out empty converter, refill it and insert it back to the pen (refilling can also be made with submersing the nib in the ink, refilling the converter and wiping the pen with soft paper towel). Please insert convertor FIRMLY into the pen (KLIK sound), otherwise it can slip out.

Fountain pen care instructions by Craft Supplies USA -
More explicite instructions for fountain pen maintence (with pictures) !