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Garry Kasparov's first comment on special set of Best Chessmen Ever. Stage 1 set in pitch black, triple weighted with gift casket, stainless steel bases, additional Eastern/Western bishops/kings, promotable queens accompanied by a letter of slovenian president.

- Dear Mr. Novak, Good News! Yesterday afternoon I received the courier package of chessmen. Everything was perfect. The sets were very well protected against shipping damage, thanks. Their style is very appealing and they are obviously produced with very high quality workmanship. I hope to buy more sets from you in the future.
dr. G. Grimsley, USA

- Thank you for your superb chessmen, maple/nut, arrived today in good order and met with my approval. Your product is excellent! Your service is second to none.
I. Nikou, Greece

- Primio sam u redu vašu pošiljku i zahvaljujem se na pažnji. Figure su lepe i visokog kvaliteta.
S. Gligori? (grandmaster), Serbia 

- I would just like to say that after my interactions with you and also Jonas, I am so amazed by your wonderful Slovenian generosity and friendliness!! I wish I could reach out and hug you both!! Are all Slovenians as upfront, honest, genuine and hard working as yourselves? Or is this something common among the chess collecting community? These comments and the questions probably make me sound like a silly American, but I am really very impressed and touched by your willingness to help and go "above and beyond" the "normal levels of customer service". I want you to know that I thank you very much.  
Eillen Burbidge 

- I know you put your heart and soul in every chess set you make, and as collector I appreciate this and cherish your sets you have made for me. Aside from being a beatiful chess set your Dubrovnik set is magnificent work of art. You are the "Picasso" of chess set makers. For this I thank you.  
Michael Ladzinski, USA

- The chess pieces arrived today. Please accept my compliments on the excellent craftsmanship that went into production of the pieces. Bravo on a marvelous reproduction of an important, historical chess piece design. I'll be using the set as my everyday analysis set - it's that special. Thank you for the very rapid delivery service and careful packaging. I will recommend your firm without reservation.
P. Fields (national master), USA 

- Dear Mr. Novak, I received, after five days and really well protected, the package of your chessmen. Boxes and certificate of authenticity are elegant, both sets are really perfect and wanderful. White colour is superb, like marble, and black colour is a beautiful dark-shining one. Weight of pieces is right. Design is excellent and chessmen are produced with very high top-quality workmanship. Thank you for your fine work: it is not only artistical, but also historically important. I am enthusiast.
I'll principally use both sets not only in everyday study and in corrispondence chess analysis, but also for playing on the board at home with friends and collegues. I'll surely show your sets to many players and I'll strongly recommend your Firm.
dr. R. Messina MD - Chief Medical Examiner, Italy

- Dear Mr. Novak, yesterday I received the GM Pavasovi? chessmen. They look very nice and I like the design very much. The knights especially look very functional but also artistic. This set should be perfect for most people for playing tournament chess. As always, your shipping was quick and the chessmen were well packed. Thanks again for your great service.
dr. G. Grimsley, USA

- Dear Novak, the package with chessmen was delivered today in good condition. Thank you.
D. Davis, USA

- Spoštovani, obveš?am Vas, da so figure Portorož '08 (javor/oreh) prispele in da je izreden užitek z njimi preigravati in analizirati partije starih in sodobnih mojstrov. Staunton oblika lovcev je izredno elegantna. Figure spominjajo na ?ase ki so minili in napovedujejo nove, modernejše ?ase materijalizirane v kvalitetno izbranem lesu in mojstrski izvedbi in dizajnu. So brez?asne.
Krunoslav Novosel, Slovenia

- Dear Mr. Novak, today I received your beautiful handcrafted chess set. The pieces have a nice feel and weight to them. I am very pleased to know that this handmade exclusive set is an exact reproduction of the original set used in the Dubrovnik 1950 Olympiad all with the original manufacturer's permission and specifications. The craftsmanship and meticulous design of each piece is absolutely perfect and I will enjoy using the set both in tournament play and in analysis. The shipment arrived quickly by courrier and all pieces were nicely wrapped and protected from possible damages during the shipping process. I am extremely satisfied with your wonderful service & professionalism and will soon purchase a second set as a collector's item. 
Dr. Greg N. Gregoriou, Professor of Finance
State University of New York (Plattsburgh), USA

- Dear Gentlemen, I received the chess set today. I liked te pieces very much and congratulations for recreating and bringing to life this piece of history !
Antonio Fabiano Ferreira Filho, Brasil

- Dear sirs, during the last 25 years I collected Staunton chess sets from all over the world.The craftsmanship of your sets are OUTSTANDINGLY IMPRESSIVE. I mean of each individual piece as well as the sets as a whole unit. The first time I was in love with a beautiful woman as a young man I had the following experience………I could not keep my eyes and hands off her!!! I had exactly the same urge when I first saw your produccts in three dimenson. 
Johan Cloete, Republic of South Africa

- Spoštovani, pravzaprav ne vem, kako bi izrazil svoje ob?udovanje vašemu izdelku. Ponosen sem tudi nase, da sem si kot vnet privrženec šahovske igre izpolnil življensko željo z nakupom vašega seta Portorož '08 (javor & rjavo lužen javor). Lahko re?em samo: izredne figure, šahovnica, obdelava, ne vem, kako lahko to naredite. Ker si predstavljam, da izdelava takega šaha zahteva ogromno prizadevanja, navdiha in da tudi uporabljeni materiali niso poceni, je tudi cena zelo primerna in razumljiva.
Barle Roman, Slovenia

- Dear Sirs, I received the set today from ChessUSA, and am very pleased with it. This set is indeed an exact replica of Bobby Fischer's favorite set; and it is a joy to at last own a set of my own. I've been looking for one like this for years! The pieces arrived, individually wrapped, and with extra queens. The workmanship is impeccable; and I am glad that I can contact you should any piece be broken or lost. These pieces are perfectly weighted; and look great on a quality chessboard. Thank you so much for your dedication to your craft!
Brenan Nierman, USA

- Pozdravljeni ! V?eraj sem dobila naro?ene šahovske pokale - malo me je bilo strah, kaj bo prispelo, saj po fotografijah ?lovek nikdar ne ve, kako in kaj. Vendar sem s figurami ve? kot zadovoljna! Tako po velikosti kot po obliki so to?no take, kot sem si želela. Izdelava pa se mi sploh zdi odli?na. Mislim, da bodo tudi prejemniki teh lepih daril navdušeni. 
Še enkrat - najlepša hvala. Verjamem, da bova še kdaj sodelovala.
Helena Vukšini?, Slovenia

- Hello; the sets arrived today…they are excellent. Thanks very much for your assistance in the transaction.
Michael Gross, Australia

- Dear sir, I am very pleased with the beautiful chess pieces . Thank you very much for your effort and excellent service!
Hans van Mulekom, Netherland

- I am extremely satisfied with my set and would like to purchase another one with maple and walnut; this is the chess set I have been wanting to years.
Micah Tuhy, USA

- The set came yesterday, and I am very happy! 
Paul Heaton, UK

- Dear Grega, yesterday i received the package and the 4" chess set is absolutely wonderful. I looking for this chess set for a long time and finally i have got it exactly as i want it. The pieces are perfect, detailed and i am very satisfied.

Daniele Roitero, Italy 

- Hallo. The set arrived to-day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much – I am very pleased. For sure the design and quality of your products are of outstanding quality. All of the very best,
Johan Cloete, Republic of South Africa 

- I received the Set a week ago Monday.  I am very impressed with the quality of this set.  The finish is perfect, no flaws in the wood, and, best, the pieces are uniform.  By that, I mean that all pawns are the same dimensions, the bishops, the knights, etc.  It is amazing that you have been able to achieve this, since many sets always seem to have some sort of flaw.  This set appears to be flawless. The feel of the pieces, the weighting and balance is awesome.  I can see why Fischer had a preference for this style of chess set. I commend you on your craftsmanship, perfectionism.  I am glad I purchased this set. Thank you!

Randy Hoch, USA

- I received my set today via "Your move" in New York. I am more then pleased. It is an accurate reproduction of a very famous design. The wood is beatiful and the set is obviously made made with skill and care. Thanks for personalization too!
Russ Glover, USA

- Dear Mr. Novak, my set arrived last night in great shape, a little more than 72 hours after I placed my order. The pieces are beautiful and extremely well made.  They fit well on 2.25 inch (57mm) squares. One of the tests I give to pieces is to rotate them on their bases to see if they maintain a straight vertical  axis or if the piece appears to tilt as it's being turned.  I'm happy to report that your set easily passes this test of craftsmanship.  I also found the weight of the pieces to be extremely well distributed and solid. Thank you again for the prompt and efficient service.  I hope to enjoy this set for many years to come. Best regards,
David C., USA 

- Hallo - the set is in my hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you again for your all your extra efforts. I am very priveledged to be a client of your business. I congratulate you once again with this high class  chess set which was manufactured with the hands of a craftsman who loves and knows what he is doing. There is a professional touch to all your products which exempt them from mass production and I am very proud to own this collection of sets from Slovenia. All my best wishes for the prosperity of your business and well being. I hope to do business with you in the future again.
Johan Cloete, South Africa 

I received the BCE set yesterday in perfect condition!  I really like the design, especially the simple design for hard use. Putting your initials on the White King and the Red stamps on the rooks is a good idea. I am very happy.  Thanks again, 
Gerald Grimsley, USA

The set arrived today and it is beautiful!  Thank you so much for making this set for me.  I hope do business again with you again in the future.  Again, thank you for the beautiful chess set.
Tim Boone, USA

- Dear mr Gregor Novak, I would like to tell you that the chess set arrived yesterday in perfect conditions. The box was very well protected. Your work in craftmanship and professionalism is five stars and highly recomended to players and collectors. The felted bases are impecable and it was a great joy for me to encounter 30 years later the same chess set that I learned the first movements of the pieces without knowing then the name, origin or the rich story related to Robert Fischer. I love the simple beauty of this set and I understand now very well when Fischer said that this was his favorite set. It was a kind of magic to look at a big picture of the set on my computer, 30 years later and starting to have a flashback in far away forgotten memories in my youth and rebuild those memories again. Now, it is time to continue my personal story with this set with many hours of great joy and hapiness and maybe one day, to teach a kid for the first time with the same set that I learned and give this set as a legacy to my family. Many thanks! Your work in craftmanship is outstanding. I have several sets from diferent parts of the world, but the simple beauty of this set is unsurpassed! I will look forward to buy more sets in your store.  All the best for you and great success in your work and life.
José Ribeiro, Portugal

- Board in figure so odli?ne. Hvala vam, vse je super. Lepe praznike in uspešen posel v novem letu.
Iztok K., Slovenija

- Dear mr. Novak, last Thursday I received the chess pieces. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. All pieces have a nice design and a perfect weight.  My brother told me they are the best he has ever seen. The pieces are a state of art. Thank you so much for your work and dedication. I wish you and your company all the best.
Jose Antonio Toranzo, Spain

- Hello, Gregor. Just wanted to let you know I received the set and it is in good order. I am very grateful you were able to accommodate my request even though the item is no longer offered.  This will mean a great deal to my friend who was very disappointed to see it no longer available.  I will surprise him with this set very soon! Your customer service is top-notch! 
Randy Hoch, USA

- Hi, Gregor. The set has arrived ... It's great. Many thanks for this product and for making purchase so easy. Best Wishes.
Mike G., Australia 

- Dear mr. Gregor, a few minutes ago, I received my chess set. It is beatiful, elegant and work of art. You, your company and your workers are to be complimented on the exceptional quality of the chess set. Your customer service has been wonderful. Your timely e-mails during the purchasing process were very much appretiated. My wife who frequently checks our e-mails has reffered to you as "a friend in Slovenia", and you are indeed my friend. We were amazed at how quickly DHL was able to make the delivery to our small town in Texas. Thank you very much.
Horace F. Greer, TX, USA

- Got it yesterday.  Just perfect!  Thanks,
Hassan Sadegh, Switzerland 

Hi Gregor. The sets arrived today and I found them really outstanding. All pieces are very nice and together they are even more stunning. Great care have been put in wooden choice, details and realization. The brightness of both sets is outstanding and I am curius about that. How could you obtain such an effect? So I have to congratulate for the great work and the precise customer care.
Federico Giallombardo, Italy

- Pozdrav! Stigla mi je garnitura. Sve pohvale, jako sam zadovoljan.
Mladen Bervida, Croatia

- My set just arrived. Well, all I can say is that is perfect. It is a true piece of art of a master artisan. The finish is flawless, the wood wonderful and the pieces has a nice feel when I touch them. Many, many thanks for your attention, kindness and such a great work. I will order another set with you in the near future. All the best my Slovenian friend, 
Carlos Ortolan, Brasil 

- Dear Mr. Novak, I received the chess sets. Thank you, very good work and the Soviet set is very impressive. 
M. Deutschmann, Germany  

- Hello Gregor. The set has arrived! It is a triumph, a fantastic example of true moderen artistry, I can't thank you enough! Please do give my compliments to your team, it's a stunning piece of work. My nine year old son helped me unwrap it, his first comment was "Now THAT is a good rook". Then he saw the knight & and we've been all smiles since. Thank you, thank you.
Stuart Mayes, UK 

  - I received your lovely chess set today via DHL. It is just as I expected: very high quality, solid, beatiful. I will bookmark your web site and check periodically to see if you have any new offerings. If there is something new next year, then I would certanly consider buying from you again. I will also tell my friends about you. Thank you very much for a set that I will treasure my whole life.
Dan H., USA 

- Hello Gregor, just informing you that my chess set arrived in good condition today. It is a very beatiful set and I am quite pleased with it. It is a wonderful addition to my collection. 
Edward Butcher, Canada

- Dear Gregor, I have received my set and the chess set fulfills in any way my expectations. Even as a fan of Bobby Fischer I must admit he made some rather inappropriate statesments in his later years, but in at least one case he was right; the Dubrovnik 1950 set is marvellous.  Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure to make business with you and your company.  
Ole Ostergaard, Denmark 

- Good morning, Gregor. The DGT set arrived on Friday and I set them up Sunday and played with them using Chessbase. Spectacular. I will forward some photos this week. Thanks again for all your hard work and personal service. Best whishes,
John Crawley, USA  

- Hi Gregor - just a quick note to let you know I received the pieces today. The set is really gorgeous - outstanding craftsmanship. Love the polish, and the pieces are perfectly turned and weighted. A pleasure to play with.
Fantastic work. It's nice to see this attention to detail, and I particularly like how you can tell the pieces were cut from the same piece of wood by looking at the grain. Also, the brown stained maple looks really nice in how it plays with the grain. I just played some Blitz games with my 6-year old son, and his verdict was pretty clear as well: "Papa, I love these...". Best regards,
Frank Helwig, Canada 

- Good morning, Gregor. The set arrived yesterday and is an excellent production. Your are a good man to do business with. Every success to you and Noj company.
Michael Gross, Australia

- Dear Gregor, my set has arrived. The pieces are beautiful. Your workmanship is exquisite. Many, many thanks! 
Charles W. Grau, USA 

- Set je prekrasan! Zahvaljujem na poslovnosti i brzini. Srda?an pozdrav. 
dr. Boris Poljak, Hrvatska

- To Gregor; I received the maple & red stained chess set and it is fantastic. Thank you again for your help. I cannot state enough how excellent it is. Sincerely,

Greg Henry, USA

Gregor, its nice to work with a business who takes pride in there work and care of their customers...a rarity in this day of age especially in the States. 
Michael Blandin, USA

- About 18 months ago I bought a set in walnut that you made. That set quickly became my favorite chess set. I still receive compliments from my club fellows on it as late as last week. Along with the new set that you have made they are going to cover all my playing needs. I want to compliment you on your fine craftsmanship and quality products
Ron Suarez, USA

- I just received the chess set and thank you very much! They are very beautiful and well made. I hope to play with these pieces for a lifetime. Thank you very much!!
Steven Kwon, USA

- Hi Gregor, I received my set today and I must say that it looks and feels amazing. It's definitely a special chess set. Thanks again for your professionalism.

Simon-Pierre D., USA

- Gregor! I received the set yesterday afternoon! I am thrilled beyond belief that finally, after a 40 year search for one of these sets, I now have one in my hands! And I must say that you are not only a Craftsman, but you are an "Artist" too!  The set is beautifully made and perfect in detail! 
I cannot tell you how happy I am to have one of your sets! Many, MANY Thanks for your workmanship and customer service! In friendship,

Danny Emerick, USA

Dear sir, I received  the set yesterday. Everything is perfect. Thank you for all. Respectfully,
Ph Lolom, France

Dear Gregor, chessmen arrived, very nice, thank you. Need to test them over the holidays... Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Martin Slowik, Germany

Dear Gregor, I received the set today. It's beautiful! 
Michiel Spook, Netherlands

Set has arrived and is beautiful.Thank you so, so much for your hard work!

Morgan Larkin, USA

Dear Gregor, the chess set arrived today! That was amazingly fast!!! I did not unwrap it because I would like my husband do that on Christmas. Thank you so much,
Susanne Rossbach, USA

Dear Gregor, the chess set is amazing! Better that i expect. Thanks for all suport, probally i will make another buying in the middle of 2014. Thanks !
Guilherme Prado, Brasil

Gregor, my second set arrived today. Many thanks. Gorgeous pieces, especially the Knights. Excellent craftsmanship. Merry Christmas!
Charles Grau, USA

Dear Gregor, the set is beautiful, truly the best chessmen ever. Merry Christmas,
Philip Pajakowski, USA

Hello, just to confirm I have received the chess pieces today. Thank you very much for your service which has been excellent and for the chess pieces which are fabulous and just what I wanted. I wish you a very happy new year. 
John Regan, Denmark

Good Morning. The chess set arrived last week.  I gave them to my brother yesterday for his birthday and he was absolutely thrilled with them. They are beautiful pieces. Many thanks for your excellent service. Kind regards,

Mrs Dorothy Urhegyi, UK (apr 2014)

Hi Gregor - just wanted to let you know that the set arrived safe and sound last Friday. Really fast shipment! I love the set. It's really beautifully made, and the design of the Dubrovnilk 1950 pieces is superior to the regular Dubrovnik, as far as I'm concerned. I'm very pleased.
Frank Helwig, Canada (june 2014)

Hello Gregor, I received the set and am very happy with it. I am also very happy with the traditional box, please let maker know. Thanks once again for all your help. Regards
George V., Australia (june 2014)

Gregor, I received your beautiful Chessmen on Friday and they look great. Thank you! The pieces really look great on the board ready for action.
Justin Webster, USA (sep 2014)

Received the BCE chess set today, they are much better than I expected!  Beautiful pieces, and I like the wood.  Also, and I did not expect it, the set plays beautifully, I guess because of the large bases and the proportion of the pieces.  I dare say it plays like a modern Dubrovnik!  I already used the set to play against picochess at level 10 and, guess what, i beat it with black for the first time, must be the new set. Thanks again.

Patrick Benedicto, USA (sep 2014)

Hello! I got my BCE - DGT CHESS SET Wow....its more awsome then watching the demo videos or seeing the pictures of it! I just want to tell your company, WELL DONE!!!! If I ever become a multi-millionaire, I will certainly like to buy your company! Quality products, especially a 5 stars out of 5 is worth investment! Thank-you once again!
Tai Che, Canada (sep 2014)

Hello Gregor. the chess set arrived today. What can I say, what you do not know? BEST CHESSMAN EVER !!! really, really beautiful, a great craftsmanship. I am looking forward to trying it and of course I'm looking forward to the Dubrovnik Set. Thank you so much for the beautiful Rollerball with my initials. Warmest Regards from Hamburg.
Bernd Ziege, Germany (sep 2014)

Dear Gregor, I have just received the chess set. I am happy to report that there was no damage during shipping. I am extremely pleased with the set. It is beautiful. I am very impressed with how well balanced the pieces are. They are very well suited for playing. I've always felt that one of the many beautiful aspects of chess is the feel of the pieces, including the feel when making captures. There is a very tactile element to the game that I think many designers overlook. Your set seems designed with an appreciation for the tactile aspect of chess. And of course the pieces are visually beautiful, too. Overall, the design is very appealing. Well done.

Scott Prosek, Japan (oct 2014)

Dear Sir, I received the set today. I believe you did a very good job. Very nice pieces. I'm very pleased and I'm sure you will here again from me. With many regards.

Oliver Schmidt, Germany  (oct 2014)

I received and inspected each piece of the second set today.They look perfect.I especially like the knights! Thank you!

Patrick Benedicto , USA (oct 2014)

Dear Gregor. The set arrived, and it is absolutely beautiful - a true work of art! The carving is excellent and the finish is flawless, very consistent from piece to piece. Many thanks for all of your hard work, and my very best wishes to everyone at Noj. You are the masters of chess set production! 

Paul Fields, USA  (nov 2014)

Gregor! Just wanted to let you know that my set arrived yesterday (11/21/2014) and it has exceeded my expectations! The 1950 Dubrovnik is the most exquisite set I have seen, especially the Knights! They are a beauty to behold! You and your Co-worker's care and attention to detail of each piece is plainly evident, making this set a work of art in itself! I had thought that the "Fischer" Dubrovnik (Dubrovnik II) that I purchased from you last year was my "Holy Grail" of chess sets, but this replica of the original 1950 Dubrovnik set has surpassed that one! I also want to thank you for your fantastic Customer Service!  And the "extras" you so graciously provided are deeply appreciated! 

Danny Emerick, USA (nov 2014)

Gregor, this is to let you know that the chess set was delivered yesterday.  The packing job was excellent, and all the pieces were safe.  Customs did not even open the package to inspect the contents.I also want to thank you again. Your shop does a great job. This is beautiful work and a beautiful chess set. I wish all chess lovers could have one of your sets to enjoy.  It really is impossible to exaggerate how great these chessmen are.
Hugo Torbet, USA (dec 2014)

Dear Gregor, the set arrived. A wonderful job and everything works fine. I have now spoiled for choice between BCE and the Dubrovnik set.The pure luxury! I sincerely hope that you can look back on a fulfilling year and I wish you the best of take-offs into 2015. God Bless,
Bernd Ziege, Germany (dec 2014)

Dear Gregor, Both sets of chessmen arrived it perfect condition. They are a work of art and will be a pleasure to use for many years. It has been a pleasure doing business. Thank you and best wishes to you and your family. 
George Slotsve, USA (jan 2015)

Dear Mr. Novak, after several months of using I can say surely that My pieces with minimum of blinking on my request, with DGT-tags) - are really good, suit to my walnut DGT e-board (and to standard vinyl brown board), very convenient for any chess activity (serious games, analysis, blitz etc), light & stable. None of pieces irritate, each one is elegant and the elegancy does not distract (it's unostentatious). I wish to recommend such set for any serious chess player. I feel (due to big problems with health I am very sensible to such nuances) and think great Fischer is absolutely right: it's the best chess standard among famous. I have thought a lot and I'll try explain shortly set's virtues: more abstract knight (plus "flat"); rather wide (good for strong forthright piece) rook with moderate 5 loopholes (5 is a nice number: rook costs 5 pawns); there is only one asymmetrical piece (this privilege is only for knight: asymmetrical pieces are  unpleasant for you or your opponent!); the king & the bishop are of ideal shape; last but not least: the design was created by a professional and gifted artist. I have a feeling that these pieces are in a high harmony with chess images we use in preconscious during thinking. Please take my cordial best wishes to you and your noble business,

R. Koblov, Russia

Review of the GM Pavasovi? chess set on forum
review made by Robert MacMillan, USA (may 2015)

Dear Gregor, the set just arrived.I am speechless. What a work of art! I shall cherish it every day.I can’t get my eyes off the set. I agree with Bobby Fisher that this is by far the most beautiful chess set ever designed, and you and your team have resurected it from oblivion. Great achievement. All my best wishes.

Edward Berkeley, USA (2015)

Hello Gregor, I just received the set. Thank you very much. The set is perfect. I especially like the deep red color of the dark pieces. The color gives it a very rich look. Of course I put the set on a board right away.  It looks fabulous. I am very happy. Thank you once again, you and your family do very nice work.I certainly will enjoy playing with this set, quite a bit.
Ron Suarez, USA (2015)

Hi Gregor, I have received the set today.I must say the set is as magnificent as I had expected. The details are amazing, particularly on the knights and I love the red paint. It was truly worth the wait! Thank you for all your hard work in producing this incredible set and I wish you all the best with your business.
William Sony, Singapore

Hello Gregor I received my Dubrovnik ll set and it is beautiful !!! You and your father did a wonderful job and I am most thankful to you. Thank You again for making this me this set which will always treasured in my home.
Robert Falcone, USA (2015)

Dear Mr. Novak, my order for Dubrovnik 1950 walnut arrived safely and in perfect condition. The chess set is everything I expected and more! Your passion for woodcarving, and attention to detail is evident, as it is a beautiful chess set. Thank you and your company for everything you have done to help meet this goal. Best regards.
Hector Molina, USA (dec. 2015)

Dear Mr. Novak! I have received the set. It is wonderful, everything I expected and much more. It is a pleasure to hold and a beauty to look at and enjoy and the design is copied exactly. Thank you for great smooth service and for a set that I will treasure! Best regards,
Andrew Liu, USA (nov 2015)

Dear Mr Novak, received the Soviet set today in beautiful condition-many thanks. The design of the knight's mouths perhaps changed a little from what is shown on the website-more a slit, less flaring and open. But I like the pieces very much-overall a beautiful set, very nice to handle, and a wonderful size on my board. Thank you also for the pen, and the box itself which they all came in is also wonderful. Many thanks!!!!
Alex Marshall, USA (nov 2015)

Dear Gregor and colleagues, today I received the Best Chessmen Ever chess sets. Thank you very much for your fine work and close contact during the process. Nowadays we have many high-performance products and multifunctional products, but high quality products are rarely seen. I have no doubt that the BCE is one of the highest quality products. I am replacing my 20 years old chess sets with BCE and I am sure that BCE will last for 100 years!
Taishi Matsushita, Sweden (oct 2015)

Gregor, my set came today! They are gorgeous. The gift box is also beautiful. I will enjoy playing with these for many years to come, and hopefully so will my children. 
Garrett Stover, USA (oct 2015)

Hi. The Vurnik chess set arrived over here yesterday - it's beautifully made and looks fantastic!  It's exactly what I was hoping for.
Stuart Walton, Australia (nov 2015)

Hello, just to let you know that the chess set has arrived, it is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for all your effort and for your updates including the progress photos, they were very much appreciated!
Kasia Negri, UK (nov 2015)

Hello Gregor! I got the set on Friday, it arrived in perfect condition. Beautifully packaged.It is simply beautiful, beyond words it's so lovely. It is so nice to own a piece of history, and the prettiest set ever made, but most of all, I appreciate that it was made by an artist. The love and attention that went into the set is obvious and I cannot thank you enough.thank you again for the chess set. I will probably order another from you soon. Please thanks Ziga for his help. Warm regards.
Chris Staszak, USA (dec 2015) 

Hello, I just received my Chess set (GM Pavasovi?) today.Both my wife and I like this set very much. I really like the details on the Chess set. The Knight has a definite snarl and glare.  I especially like the finials on the Bishops and Queens. This set is very well done and very nice looking.  I look forward to using this set at our Chess club event this coming Monday evening. Thank you,
Ron Suarez, USA (dec 2016)

Dear Mr. Gregor. Thank you for the extraordinarily beautiful figures. A Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year to all of you. Thank you so much.All the best,
Christian Schneider, Austria (dec 2015)

Dear Noj Team: I purchased two sets from you several weeks ago, the Dubrovnik 1950, and The GM Pavasovic. I am happy to report these sets exceeded my expectations. I am playing chess with more regularity than in recent times due to the beauty and functionality of these pieces. The Dubrovnik 1950 is a charming set for a board with smaller squares. I use it on a board situated on my bedroom desk for analysis of endgame positions. The pieces handle nicely and are lightly weighted. What is important to note is the quality of the finishing/polishing of the pieces, simply spectacular.The GM Pavasovic set was a bit of a revelation. A work of art, and eminently suited for a variety of boards. I display this set with pride on the game table in my front room. The stout bases taper into elegant stems, and finish with exquisitely detailed crenellations, crosses, and coronets. When you combine the playability(stable but lightweight), and design, it's the best chess set I have ever seen.I would be remiss if I did not mention the outstanding customer service from Gregor. He communicated with me throughout the process detailing the progress of the sets, and answered any questions I had. I can recommend Noj Slovenia's products and services without reservation. Congratulations Gregor on the development of a fine product, and best of luck to your business in the future. Warm Regards,
Rodney Figueiredo, California, USA

I received the set yesterday. Everything's good. Most excellent!!  Very beautiful!  Light yet stable to move. The pictures and testimonies don't do the set justice. Exceeded my expectations.
David Shin, USA 

I wanted to thank you all for this chess set! The Dubrovnik II is perfect. I love how it looks, feels and plays. I will always treasure the set. Thank you again for all this. It has been worth the wait.
Mahesh Kalambi, USA

Dear Noj team, my first impression when I see the BCE was like wow! I set watching the set more than one hour full of satisfaction ,then I start analyzing one game for the whole night. Simply its joyful in play touch ..
Bassil Yassin, Saudi Arabia
Dear Gregor, Ziga & everyone who helped to bring me this beautiful set. These are the finest chessmen that I have ever seen - they are even more beautiful than I expected!The design, wood selection, quarter-sawn, turning, carving, finishing is all heirloom quality and quite remarkable.You should be very proud of what you have accomplished. Please let the craftsmen know that their work and skill is very appreciated and the set is in good hands. Thank you and best wishes for the future.
Ian Popken, USA

Hi Gregor, The chessmen arrived yesterday evening. Thank you for making sure they were packed well and for including the chessboard. It was exciting to unwrap the pieces individually starting from the pawns upwards and inspect the craftsmanship. I especially love the detail on the knights. A really splendid set that I'm going to enjoy playing with. It is great to see your craftsmanship and to support it. Best wishes for the business, 
Tom Hibbert, Germany
Dear Gregor. I received my set today.  Many thanks.  It is superb.  The craftsmanship is first-class.  The uniformity of the pieces is beyond anything I have seen before.  The images on the internet do fully reveal the quality and beauty of this set.  I am amazed you can get those bulky DGT sensors in the pawns without compromising the aesthetics. I own over 30 wooden chess sets, collected over many years, and with a purchase price ranging from around £50 to over £1200 (early house of Stanton), but the EBD is already my favourite. When I told my wife and son I was buying another set and one which could be used for my Revelation II their reaction was "what another one! - how many types of Staunton style sets can there be in the world?"  They also refused to oblige me by taking a look at your website - joking that they rather watch paint dry (an English way of saying I really have better things to do).  However when the set arrived and I insisted that they have a look and they were extremely impressed and could see why I wanted one. You should be truly proud of what you have achieved here, congratulations.
Gary Preston, United Kingdom

Gregor, you are a master woodworker!!! I am almost in tears while I was taking out the set and putting them on the board.  I will send you a couple of pictures.  
Manuel Veloso, USA

Gregor, The reality of the set exceeded the expectation, it produced a very warm feeling.  The set arrived in perfect condition and I am very pleased with the high quality of workmanship.  The finish is smooth, color consistent and the form of reproduction exactly as advertised.  I noticed the small detail in the rook crenels.  The knights are like no other and possess such small details as the perfectly round raised eyes, dark nostrils and subtle curve of the base top.  Even the smell of the finish is pleasing.  The packaging and certificate are beautiful. It is likely I will come back for another set.  Thank you for your attention to detail and all the best to you and your family.
William H. Davis, USA

Mr. Novak, I received my S1-EB-DGT BCE chess set today. The packaging was excellent, the pieces were well-rapped individually and were in perfect condition. I LOVE this set. The wood quality is even better than I had hoped and the finish of the pieces is beautiful. Even the wood box it comes with is well-done and well-designed - I love the magnetic closure. Also, the blue leather, extra queens and stamping on king's knight and rook were all well worth it. Thanks for a wonderful set! I will highly recommend it to all of my friends. I haven't tested it yet on my DGT Bluetooth board, but I have no doubt it will be flawless there too.
Mark Anderson, USA

Gregor- Thank you for getting the pieces to me so quickly. I was out of town so they had to wait for a couple of days for my return. My daughter was right, these are beautiful! Thanks again! I look forward to hearing about new products and improvements.  
Shawn Stemen, USA
All arrived in great condition. Thank you so much - we are super happy!
Chris Purves, UK

Good Afternoon,I received the pieces and they are wonderful. I really appreciate the workmanship that you put into these sets and that the wood making tradition as well as materials are difficult to get and handcrafting everything is truly an art.
Alex Mares, USA
Hello Gregor, I received the Beautiful set today and it is perfect Thank You  . I am also a collector of vintage Soviet Grandmaster "Grossmeister" chess sets and if you ever make something like that I would be very interested in buying one from you. 
Ron Harrison, USA
I recevied the Soviet 1941 and Dubrovnik 1950 chesspieces, exelent craftsmanship, thanks.
Henk Kollosterman, The Netherland  
Greetings, and many thanks for the beautiful chess sets, and pens. I am happy to report the sets arrived safely thanks to secure packing by you. Even Drake's of London, or Louis Vuitton would be jealous of a presentation this beautiful! The sets speak for themselves as far as craftsmanship, proportion, design, and finish are concerned. The red stain was deep on the maple like I hoped for, and provides good contrast with both the natural oak, and maple combinations. Portoroz is perfect size for Drueke 2.25" board. I will try to clean, and polish my board this weekend so I can take some pictures for you to see how good it looks.
The Dubrovnik II is actually more impressive in real life than I thought was possible. Incredibly versatile, I have initially set it up on a 2" board, but with it's broad, stable bases, it will work on 55, or 57mm boards as well. You have carved beautiful knights, and the pawns of the Dubrovnik II are fantastic. It's funny, now having purchased all of your tournament sets, it is impossible to pick a favorite, as each set has so many positive attributes.
The walnut on the Junior Statesman pen is beautiful. The pen is robust, without the diameter being to big to hold comfortably. Now with either Dubrovnik set displayed, along with a Noj walnut pen placed inside a crystal cup, I have a premier desk setup. The way I can best give thanks, is to continue to support your business with my continued patronage. Once again, many thanks to you Gregor, and anyone else who worked on producing these special sets. 
Rodney Figueiredo, USA

Hello Gregor, today the pawns arrived safely at my place.They are beautiful. You turned the collars in a fabulous way. I hope I am allowed to work together with you in a similar project in future? I am most thankful and won´t forget what you have realised for me.
To see this set with 32 chessmen again is a bit unreal - like a dream. Your customer service is simply outstanding - I have not experienced anything comparable yet. I will recommend you to all people I know who are enthusiastic about chess. You really give the customer the solely feeling being the only customer in the world at this moment. Your restoring process of them Lasker-Schlechter pawns from the very beginning as a draft to the very end being on the board is simply perfect. But why did you send 17 pawns to me :) ?
Dankeschoen fuer Deine fantastische Arbeit.
Joerg Wohlwender, Germany

Hi Gregor,I am very happy to have received the Dubrovnik II. walnut chess set and GM Pavasovi? walnut chess set. High quality, excellent and well crafted pieces. I thought the photographs on the Noj website was good, but having the set and physically playing with them is even better! Great communication and thank you for the updates. The package was shipped fast and the packaging was very secure. I look forward to seeing more upcoming chess set masterpieces!
Eric Eng, USA
Hi Gregor, I received the set today! The craftsmanship is superb! I love the way the pieces feel, specially the Rooks and the knight is a beauty. Basically, I've never seen craftsmanship like this before. The set surpasses my expectations. The packaging and certificate adds to the attention to detail.  It makes me want to buy more of your sets!  
Samuel Medina, USA

Hi Gregor. Got the set today. Absolutely a Great set of Pieces which perfectly matches my decor. Clearly one of the great set of Chess Pieces - those Hand Carved Knights are just tremendous.
David Begoray, USA
Hello Gregor! The chess pieces arrived yesterday. I must say they are beautiful, it's a joy to play with them. Everything was perfect! Best regards!
Manuel Rodriguez, Mexico
Hello Gregor, and hello Noj Team, Yesterday we received the set und I must say we were astounded how beautiful it is !! Keep up the good work and all the best! Sre?no:)
Nikola and Marin, Germany
Dear Gregor, The sets arrived today. They are both superb and I am delighted with the quality and your speed of service. With best wishes,
Jeremy Norma, USA
Dear Gregor, The sets arrived today. They are both superb and I am delighted with the quality and your speed of service. With best wishes,
Jeremy Norman, United Kindgom
Hello Gregory, I did received today the chess pieces. Best design ever ,the craftsmanship is outstanding. Greeting.
Henk Kloosterman, Netherland

Dear Gregor, yesterday we received the set and as you can see in the pictures attached, my husband is very very happy with it! The figures are so beautifully made, it is a pleasure and an honor to own them. Thank you very much for your guidance throughout the process, you were always very helpful!
Lena Fuchs, Austria 
Good afternoon, Gregor, a couple of days ago or so I received from you my Tal 1961 pieces. First of all, I want to congratulate you for your splendid work and exquisite craftmanship. The set is really first class european (and world) quality.  The pieces arrived in perfect condition and in a very conveniently arranged box to store them. Your company did a fine job producing this Tal 1961, at the request of Chuck Grau and Phil Pajakowski, whom I also thank for their idea and the pain they took in furnishing the data to bring them to life.  
As I told you, in the beginning I wanted the set in maple and black stain for the dark side, as I like reproductions as exact as possible; but now that the set is in my hands I must say that what you told me is true: I love the pieces in maple and walnut; and, as a matter of mere coincidence, they match so well with the board I use for them.  The more I use them, the more I am liking them.  As far as I can see your work is flawless.  And their style and weighting make them so stable on the board!; the Soviets also had their own prime designs as far as chess pieces are concerned.  
I congratulate once more for the quality in the chess sets you make.Greetings from Catalonia to Slovenia.Best regards,
Xavier Pedregosa, Spain     

Warm Greetings to you Gregor, from Norwich! 
The beautiful set you made arrived safely a couple of days ago, and we are delighted with it! I sent many photographs to our son and he is also extremely delighted with it.
He will come over to see us in about a month, to take it back with him, and I'm sure he will be even more pleased when he sees it and can handle the pieces, as the finish and feel of them is a pleasure in itself - and cannot be shown in a photograph of course.
Thank you once again for making this set for us. We are all so happy. It was particularly nice for me to be able to give such a present to my son. With all our best wishes, and our thanks.
John Wood, USA
Hello, Mr. Novak! I've received the beautiful chess set ( chess set 1961 SOVIET CHAMPIONSHIP TAL). Many Thanks. 
Dr. Siamak Sadeghi, Germany

Hi, Gregor. I received the products today. I greatly appreciate your prompt shipment. There was no problem with the product. It's really outstanding work! Thank you again for everything you’ve done.Best regards,
Takanori Itayama, Japan

Dear Noj Team, The Dubrovnik II Chess set arrived yesterday and I opened it this morning. I have never been so impressed with a chess set in my life. The quality and craftsmanship is second to none... I have not seen better. Now, I don't own many chess sets, but I have many friends who do, and, needless to say, there is no comparison. They told me that Noj creates the world's best chess sets, and I wholeheartedly agree with them. You have made me a big fan of your work.
Hermes Ocera, USA
I received my best chess men ever dgt pieces.Better then i had expected.
Murtuza Hasim, USA
Dear Gregor, sorry for the delay - I received the set over a week ago and it is beautiful.  Thank you for your expert workmanship and excellent communication.
Geoffrey Emerick, USA

Hi Gregor, I received the chess set. Whaou ... impressive. What a work !!! You are really good at what you are doing. The stability is ... perfect ! What a pleasure to play with this set. I really enjoyed playing with my little daughter which starts learning chess next week. She was curious and asked how you can make these pieces starting from the raw cube you join to the package.I needed to gave her some explanations, that was really cool.
So thanks for the raw piece of wood and the wasted piece ! I makes the chess set real, it gives it an history. I'll make few pictures in the next days and I'll send them
Olivier Chapelliere, France

I should have mailed you a couple of weeks ago and thanked you for your kind delivery of the chess sets to my hotel in Ljubljana. I returned home safely with my suitcase full of chess pieces. The Dubrovnik pieces are in use at the moment. I must get a chess board with slightly bigger squares for the Tal 1961 pieces. Both sets are extremely well crafted and elegant. Works of art really. After winning a couple of games last week one of my friends told me I was cheating, training with imported luxury pieces. Best regards.
Jan Hessel, Sweden
Hi Gregor, I received the chess set and it is just as beautiful as I had hoped! Growing up in Yugoslavia in the 70's and 80's (I'm from Sarajevo), almost every chess set I played with was a copy of this one, so to me these truly are the ultimate chess pieces. No substitutes come close. So it is sad for me to now live in a world where this design of chess pieces is very hard to come by. I'm glad you're still making them, and presenting them in their best light! Keep up the good work! Najlepša hvala!!! Vse najboljše in lep pozdrav iz Michigana.
Bojan Durickovic, USA  
Hi Gregor! I confirm you that I got last Monday 20th November your parcel  with the two ordered chessmen sets! Parcel was without external hits and inside it the two large boxes with chessmen were placed without issues, thanks for caring also this last stage of the purchasing process, the final transportation, also to say that the delivery with GLS courier was fully satisafactory, including the tracking information service. On Monday I did have only just the time to play a fast play in the DGT board with the tw