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* PLEČNIK * maple & walnut ches set designed by Janez Suhadolc

Janez Suhadolc is a retired professor on the Arhitectural university . He is also known as a designer and manufacturer of unique furniture products, especially chairs, of which 3 creations were made for Pope Woytila. During his work he made this statement :» If I am a Slovene, it makes sense to design and express myself artistically in a Slovene way.« With several published books (Arhitectural freehand drawing, Chairs I, II, III) he has received several importat rewards for unique designs.

In addition to that, Janez Suhadolc is also a passionate chess lover. He has inharited the love to the royal game from his father, who worked with the famous Slovene architect, Jože Plecnik, for a long time and has designed one of the first slovenian chess sets. Who can be more appropriate for designing unique, but still very playable and useful set, than a designer and a chess player. In honour of important architects he looked up to, the decision to name his set by their names was made.  

Slovenian architect Jože Plecnik
(1872-1957) was one of the most important protagonists of the 20th century architecture. He was the first post-modernist at the beginning of the modernist era and the last classical architect. Ple?nik built many important buildings such as Zacherl House in Vienna, the Hradcany and the church of the Sacred Heart in Prague, National and University Library, Triple Bridge, Mutual Assurance Building, etc. in Ljubljana. Plecnik's close associate was also father of Janez Suhadolc, who created unique chess set in memory of architect genius, founding inspiration in Ple?nik's work. Poet Davorin Jenko's monument for bishop and pawn - knight construction on door knob at National and University Library - rook from certain tombstones - king and queen in churches from "Osijek studys".

- natural combinaton - high quality maple & walnut
- king's height 110 mm, base diameter 37 mm
- hand turned and finished pieces 
- detailed hand carved knights
- weighted pieces
- felt cushioned
- several layers of special coat and final polishing
- housed in a box
- every set comes with certificate of authenticity, which is made to recipient's name



Plecnik's work and J.Suhadolc inspiration for designing chess pieces

- doorknob in National and University Library  


- Davorin Jenko's monument


- "Osijek studys"