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DUBROVNIK II. - maple & walnut - chess pieces



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In 1950 the IX. chess olympiade was held in Dubrovnik (Croatia). Teams from 16 countries participated in it, and after 480 matches the Yugoslav team won the gold medal, Argentina silver, and West Germany bronze.

Especially for this occasion a new set of chessmen was made, under the name "Dubrovnik".

Threw decades the set experienced several different re-designes, but only one of them achived confirmtaions from the top chess class (in fact, is was Bobby Fischer himself that adopted this version as his favorite chess set). 

The design of this version was made by Andrija Maurovi?, a famous Yugoslav cartoon writer, and pieces were made in the workshop of master Jakopovi? in Zagreb. 
By many sources these were the favorite pieces of WORLD CHAMPION BOBBY FISCHER (pictures).
With a help of mr. M. Hannon from GB we came across interesting radio interview with Bobby Fischer, where he mentioned the set "Dubrovnik". You can find interview in our gallery, while we should only mentione short part of Bobby's comment: "THIS IS THE BEST SET I HAVE EVER PLAYED ON. IT IS MARVELLOUS."

On following links you can also find videos of Bobby Fischer playing with a Dubrovnik set. He certainly liked it!!!

- Bobby Fischer and his 1970 Dubrovnik chess set  - montage by Jonas Ž.
- TV Record "Anything to win" - Biography of Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer & Dubrovnik.jpg


- maple & walnut, maple & red stained maple, maple & brown stained maple (orig. or 4" size)
- king's height 91 mm, base diameter 39 mm
- hand turned and finished pieces (gallery)
- detailed hand carved knights
- possible purchase of extra queens (+30€)
- weighted pieces
- felt cushioned
- several layers of special coat and final polishing
- housed in a basic box 
- every set comes with certificate of authenticity, which is made to recipient

Dubrovnik maple.jpgDubrovnik walnut.jpgDubrovnik on board.jpgDubrovnik maple line.jpgDubrovnik knights.jpg