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GM PAVASOVIČ - maple & walnut - chess pieces

In order to offer chess players the pieces which enable a high level of delight during a game, we decided to cooperate with Duško Pavasovic, a Slovenian Grandmaster.
Duško Pavasovic, born 15.10.1976, the Slovenian national champion on several occasions, is one of few Slovenian professional chess players. Playing chess for more than 20 years, he became a grandmaster in 1999


European Team Chess Championships, Greece, 2007
During the process of designing and manufacturing this set, we considered his advise regarding the shapes and dimensions of the pieces (such as the common look of the set or even small details like hollows on the knights body, size of pawns heads).
This set will charm you with a moderen look and soft, elegant lines. It has been approved by a  professional grandmaster.


- natural combination (maple & walnut) 
- brown or red stained maple 
- king's height 99 mm, base diameter 42 mm
- hand turned and finished pieces (watch gallery)
- detailed hand carved knights
- possible delivery with 2 extra queens
- weighted pieces ( each 20 g )
- felt cushioned
- 3 layers of special coat and final polishing
- every set comes with certificate of authenticity, which is made to recipient
- housed in a box 


 * natural combination (maple & walnut)

* brown or red stained maple