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1961 SOVIET CHAMPIONSHIP TAL - maple & walnut - chess pieces

We present the 1961 Soviet Championship Tal set.  Used in that tournament, which featured illustrious players from that great era such as Viktor Korchnoi, Boris Spassky, and Mikhail Tal, the set also served in Soviet women's championships.  The beautiful design combines traditional and modern elements in a set that is both elegant and sturdy.  Serious chess players will recognize these pieces from the cover of -The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal-, and this historical reproduction pays homage to that brilliant world champion.

Our biggest thanks goes to Chuck Grau and Phil Pajakowski, since it was them that approach us with idea of recreating this magnificant set. They provided basic drawings from the photos which was a good starting point for the start of the project. It was several months later that final pieces were made - it was in fact the most intensive and longest developtment period in our chess manufacture history. It is hard enough to reproduce set from phyisical samples, but at least then you can measure pieces and look at desing closely - working from a black&white photos is much bigger challange.  

Mr. Grau also made a beatiful review of the set on forum

Set can be ordered in 
- natural combination (maple and walnut)
- stained version (maple and brown or red stained maple) +50 EUR
- black stained version +100 EUR
- upgraded knight's version +50 EUR

- king/s height is 102.5 mm, base diameter 41 mm
- handmade
- possible is purchase of extra queens (+30 EUR)
- weighted pieces (20 g)
- felt cushioned
- several layers of top coat and final polish
- housed in a basic box
- every set comes with COA made to owners name

Tal 8.jpg

* red stained set

Tal red.jpg

Price: 648.00

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